ESTECOM is one of the leading display providers with 18 years of expertise in the field of flat panel industry.

We have our own technology on superior interface controller and complete display solutions.

We provide our clients with each customized solutions having over 600 kinds of Open Frame and Complete Monitors.

ESTECOM has developed and maintained unsurpassed quality with cost effective display solutions.

All products are RoHS compliant solutions for : Medical, Gaming, Entertainment,

Transportation, Industrial and Digital Signage Market.

We offer engineering development services for electronics and mechanical requirements.


W/W Sales Distribution Channel




2000 – 2003

May, 2000
Established ESTECOM Co.,Ltd.

Dec, 2001
Awarded ‘The Superior Tech. Co. by gov’t

Oct, 2002
Designated as Superior Exporting Firm by gov’t

Aug, 2003
Developed Flora Digital and Lily D board and
supported a worldwide gaming company

2004 – 2009

Sept, 2004
Acquired by SMART Modular Technologies in USA

Nov, 2004
Awarded U$10 million Export Top by Korean President

May, 2006
Developed Poppy Series AD board

June, 2006
Developed 300 kinds of LCD Open Frame Monitors

Sept, 2008
ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified

Mar, 2009
Developed Full line up of LCD Open Frame Monitors

2010 – 2014

April, 2010
Repurchased ESTECOM from SMART Modular Technologies
Developed Cosmos ll AD board
Provied 24″ OF for gaming company

Jan, 2011
Developed Poppy-l AD board
ISO 13485 Certified
Provided 19″ Medical Monitor

Mar, 2013
Developed Saffron AD board
Provided a 15″ Medical monitor

2015 ~

Developed Saffron plus board for driving 4K x 2K panel
Provided 70″ Open Frame to shopping malls and airports
in Australia