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-Display Type
 Various Sizes for your need 15″,24″,27″ and 32″



Eye Catching Contents

Take Photo or Record Video of your Products
Add information with Brushes or Text
Decorate Message with Sticker and animations
Final touch with Play Effects

Sequential Play

Multiple Contents can be played
as you Scheduled.


Private Gallery

You can share contents with your group
 with Private Gallery Feature.


Market Place

In our mobile Market Place, users can choose designer, request drawing,
 pay for service and download drawing right on the smart phone,
 so users can use high-quality contents promptly at a low price.

Clever Canvas Concept

Now you can draw eye-catching message for customers anytime, anywhere, super easily in no time using

your smart phone with our incredible Clever Canvas App. With just click of button, your message will be

transferred and shown on Clever Canvas with the splendid effect.
1.Do all works by smart phone…

Just plug in Clever Canvas.

No need to touch any more

(All by smart phone in your hand)
2.Easy to make eye-catching message…

Our Drawing APP provide simple and
 intuitive UI/UX, various backgrounds,
 fonts, brush, clip art, and templates.
 Anyone can make great contents
 easily like professional.
3.Professional designer is there for you…

Various expert templates are provided in
 each industry and you can ask the
 professional desinger for production
 directly through the smart phone.
4.Private Cloud for franchise

Provide the Private Cloud serivce that can
 distrbute marketing contents in real time
 through the branch manager’s smart
 phone at headquarter.
5.Eye-attracting impact…

Apply various effects that maximized the

merit of digital media, induce

customers’ eye.

(Maximize information delivery power)
6.Cross Marketing Platform

As the cross marketing platform service is provided(will be provided) by which you can exchange / expose
 promotional contents with Clever Canvas users of another industry and even share the result, partnership
 marketing effect can be maximized.