poppy-S ll



Poppy-S II is an advanced TFT-LCD Monitor Control Board, applied SIL connectors for slim design. This design enables a full
conventional CRT monitor and/or video replacement with a large size Active Matrix LCD
module. It is suitable for video resolution up to WUXGA @ 60Hz in all video modes, the full display area
of the module is used. The design is implemented as a single printed circuit board.

Poppy-S ll Low Profile
Scaler STDP6038 (STM)
Input VGA, DVI/HDMI & DisplayPort
/HDOutput LVDS
Audio 2W+2W
Max Resolution 1920x1200
Input Voltage 12V DC
Outline Dimension 100mm(L) x 120mm(W) x 7.2mm(D)
Option RS232 & IR