ESTECOM is one of the leading high-quality proven display providers with 24 years of expertise in the field of flat panel industry. 

With our own technology on superior interface controller and complete display solutions, 

we provide our clients with each customized solutions having over 700 kinds of Open Frame and Complete Monitors.

ESTECOM has developed and maintained unsurpassed quality with cost effective display solutions in order to meet  market demand for each application.

All products are RoHS compliant solutions for Medical, Gaming, Entertainment, Transportation, Industrial and Digital Signage etc..

We are also pleased to offer engineering development services for electronics and mechanical requirements.

Strength of ESTECOM

World-Wide Sales Network

- Understanding market trend & know-how.

- Maintaining long-term relationship with world-wide partners in the US. EU, Asia  and Oceania.

High-Quality Driven R&D Company through Superior Engineering & Technology

- Capable of providing “just-right” solutions for FPD application.

- On-time response to market requests & technical requirement.

Strong Partnership with TFT-LCD Manufacturers “the most key component”

- LCD Panel : LG Display, AUO, BOE, Innolux etc…

- Touch screen : LG Innotek, Inno Touch ACDC, Baanto, Everglory, General touch etc…



We have been making high-quality products 

that our customers are satisfied with for 20 years.


2000ㅣEstablished ESTECOM. Co., Ltd. 

2001 ㅣAwarded  The Superior Tech. Co. by Korean Government.

2002ㅣDesignated as Superior Exporting Firm 

            by Korean Government.

2003Developed Flora Digital and Lily D board & 

            started providing  gaming companies


2004ㅣAcquired  by SMART Modular Technologies in USA.

2004ㅣAwarded U$10 million Export Top by Korean Government.

2006ㅣDeveloped Poppy Series AD board.

2008ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified

2009Developed Full line up of LCD Open Frame (200 kinds)


2010Reacquired ESTECOM from SMART Modular Technologies

2011ISO 13485 Certified-Quality management system 

          for medical devices.

2011Provided 19” Medical Monitor to US medical company.

2013Developed Saffron board for 2560x1600 resolution 

           with daisy chain

2014Provided a 15” Medical monitor to a major US medical 

           company which is based in German

2015Introduced Ivy Surveillance board for monitoring status  

           of running LCD displays

2015Developed Crocus board for driving 4K x 2K.

2015Provided 70” Open Frame to shopping malls and airport 

           in Australia.


2016Provided 65” Open Frame to airport in Australia and  

           New Zealand
Supported video wall solution to a jewelry franchise 

           in Korea.

2018Developed Aster board for 4K x 2K resolution 

           with Daisy  Chain

2020Developed Aster –R customized board for 4Kx2K OLED 

            panel to be used for a gaming machine.


2021ㅣProvided 15.6" touch monitor for coffee rousting machine.

2023Provided a control system for a floor traffic signal.

Distribution Channel


Rm705, 149, Gongdan-ro

Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, 15845

Tel. +82-31-427-8101 Fax.+82-31-427-8108